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7 Steps, 30x23in, ashcharcoal

art from ashes : the covid drawings

Materials collected after sitting around the fire with family.  Collected in silence, honoring the passing of many, the family on that day, and the feeling of loss of connection beyond.  

Title: The 7 steps
Ash and charcoal on archival paper

"Hand to paper. A full palm movement.  A delicate line.  Scrubbing. Erasing.  An activated search for the tonal space to say what resonates on that day."

 --Maria Kastan


color & surface

narrative imagery in a conceptual surround.

" I initially was focused on painting.  The painting imagery was based on small clay figurative sculptures that I had made, and were about the size of my palm.  They remained simple, unfinished, objects to reflect upon.   After living with these sculptures long enough, I began to see them as more; as a thriving base and possibility for my own sculptural language."

 --Maria Kastan



the balance between foraged materials and man-made objects.

"The process of creating is one of problem solving, deep inner knowing, and arriving to the studio-mind everyday. "

-- Maria Kastan

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