ART TO ASHES:  quarantine drawings


At the start of quarantine facing our world, I was unable to work in my studio. For several weeks I paced, entered my studio and left, only to return to center around family as many of the world also did. I watched, listened and reflected in front of many a fire during those weeks. Trying to warm up, I watched the fire cool and began running my hands thru the cool charcoal and ashes that had remained. It was in that moment that those ashes became the material for my drawings. I was able to work again.

7 Steps, 30x23in, ashcharcoal
Hold Still, 5x4in, ash/charcoal
Continuum, 30x23in, ash/charcoal
Across The World, 30x23in, ashcharcoal
7_MKasNo Flights, 5x4in, ash/charcoal
Made of Star Stuff, 30x23inches, ash/charcoal


The drawings remain small at this time--no larger than 11 inches. 


The idea of continuing to work small intentionally remains with what is revealed in the process.  Just like being in close proximity and quiet with the paper and pencil/pen as I draw--what ends up being revealed are more intimate ideas.  

What is not yet seen, but Loved
Move the arm, Move the leg
Pin the Bird
I Hope
Wind Figures
No Feathers...Yet