Series : The American Disrupt

This work looks to respond to the America that we are experiencing today.  The raw feelings of anxiety, unsheltered, unsafe or disregarded.  Using the tipping figure, the figure on the edge, the disconnected kicking legs, the dull stars and uneasy eyes in these paintings, and sculpture, are all visuals trying to reply to the disruption many of us feel.  The disruption of our core beliefs—of what is means to be in our democracy, of belief in family, protecting nature and the arts.  

Disruption can cause our hopes to sink, but the result can also be the search for a stronger sense of connection and value in become “Action”—choose to vote, choose to run for office, choose to protect our fundamental rights and the integrity of the family.

Living Disruption can cause an Activated Reaction.  Perhaps it is a beautiful moment…

Series : The Fall and The Searcher

This series of paintings is based around 2 female figures—The Fall and The Searcher.  The figures are painted in different environments becoming fireflies, seeds, cocktails and armadas.  There are repeated themes that allow me to juxtapose the two figures against Yin and Yang symbols such as bubbles and umbrellas. Bubbles float with temporary beauty, while umbrellas--a shelter when opened become a sword when closed.

Series : The Still Hope

This series nods towards the tradition of still life painting, while still using the female figure sitting in the fictitious space.