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Cherry Legs

These oil paintings are part of a most recent series depicting a strong asian influence in composition and imagery. This series reveals a sense of prayer or contemplation interconnected with natural elements. A forward movement of strength is seen in the figurative leg at the center of each painting with the action of contemplation happening at the knee joint--a symbolic location; a physical point of heavy burden.

Under this Table

I painted still lives for years with the honored Lennart Anderson, I began to think of what is underneath the table might be as important to reveal.  The yin yang of what is seen and what is swept underneath is of equal dialogue.


We are still connected

A covid series.  We, you and I need to connect beyond the screen, to end the inner scream.



Figure in the landscape is a common theme.  I love the story of Persephone--part of 2 worlds.

American Disrupt

This series recognizes the major disruption in America--tiades and tantrums have given rise to confusion and anxiety.  

the Fall & the Searcher

This series of paintings is based around 2 femaile figures--the fall and the searcher.  The figures are painted in different environments becoming fireflies, seeds, cocktails and armadas. 

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