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Nuthin' like LIVE Music --John Scofield

John Scofield's Combo 66 LIVE @ Daryl's Place, Pawling, NY / December, 2018

at Daryl's Place, Pawling, New York
John Scofield: Guitar; Gerald Clayton: Piano; Vicente Archer: Bass; Bill Stewart: Drums

We caught John Scofield on the very last stop on the tour, and entered a buzz filled venue! Standing room at the bar--no problem! This was actually my first time seeing this band live, although it seems as if our life has been full of Sco's music (he's in his 60's now). His tunes have filled our home, car rides, and even our children's bedtime routines!

Quietly and gently strolling onto the stage with a warm grin and glint of his eye, John Scofield welcomed us and then--the gig was on! I cannot say how much I was entranced from the start. There is nothing like watching a guitarist tell a story! As he played, he seemed to actually talk to his fingers who relayed the smooth lyrical message to his guitar.

The most memorable song was not the swing/funky sound play, but the quietest tune in the first set. The tune where he dug in deep to some memory and walked the listener through a forest of deep purples and echoing golds. Color was all I could visualize, and it warmed my soul. I could ride a high like that forever!

Seeing them live helped me to understand the deep connectivity with his incredible drummer, Bill Stewart. There is a deep language and understanding that is evident in this live show that I had not fully realized before. The unique language that these two musicians create is truly something to hear. Luckily Daryl's Place is such a cool venue that they video the gigs LIVE!

All in all people--there's NUTHIN LIKE LIVE MUSIC! Go out, see, listen, and embrace the artists around you!

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